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Click me to check out my music!
    • Oana: do you know Jennifer from our class?
    • Domenick: nope
    • McKinney, Oana: ok..
    • Oana: she emailed me to stop sending her emails....
    • Domenick: hahahaha
    • Domenick: you've been sending emails to the class?
    • Oana: well, I found it quite rude, but I applogized
    • Oana: I sent yesterday one , and \i think Monday
    • Domenick: well it is annoying when you get a lot of e-mails
    • Domenick: see, that's why I never even check my e-mail
    • Domenick: you could have send me a thousand e-mails and I wouldn't know
    • Oana: i guess
    • Domenick: who wins in this situation? me.
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